Ejo #34 – The Experimental Ejo Challenge: Day 2 (Getting Lost In Munich)

So, at work we have these coffee vending machines. You know the type: stick some money in and get a horrible brown liquid to drink. The ones we have are from a company called Dallmayr. So of course I associate that name with… well, horrible brown liquid.

So when, in our search for a place to buy a few local delicacies, we were guided towards the Dallmayr shop, we kind of balked a little. Made some jokes about all the different varieties of sludge we could choose from. Haha! We couldn’t have been more wrong. We walked into a Delicatessen wonderland. It was bursting full of meats, cheeses, seafood (so fresh that some of it was still alive!), breads, fruit and vegetables, salads, dips, fresh pasta, cakes and pastries!! And to top it off there was a little Moët et Chandon café where you could drink the stuff by the glass. How civilised!!!

We stocked up on yummy tidbits and set off home – only to promptly get hopelessly lost. Again. We did get home eventually and enjoyed a lovely carpet picnic with a bottle of our favourite Prosecco that we’d happened upon in another amazing outdoor market. We ❤ München!!!

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Ejo #34 – The Experimental Ejo Challenge – Day 1

I woke up this morning in München, Germany – the first day of our German/Netherlands trip. I have never been to Germany before, so didn’t really know what to expect but… wow, so far I love it! Also this morning, I woke up with an idea. Here it is: To write a mini-ejo for every day of our trip! Great idea, huh?? I thought you’d like it.

OK, so Day 1. We are in a great apartment about a five minute walk to Marienplatz (the centre of town). Well, five minutes if you don’t keep getting lost, like we do!! But you know what? We don’t mind. It’s all part of the fun of exploring a new city. We found an incredible coffee shop (Bar Centrale) where they greet you in Italian and serve the best coffee I’ve ever had in Europe. Yep, even better than in Italy.

We are returning to Munich at the end of our trip (during Oktoberfest – coincidence or not? You make the call!) and David is trying to persuade me to buy one of the local costumes. I’m VERY tempted, and they are on sale ALL over town. What do you think?