Ejo #34 – TEEC: Day 18 (Our Last Day In Amsterdam)

It’s always sad when a holiday comes to an end. Ours isn’t quite over yet. In fact we have seven more nights away. Plenty to keep excited about. But our time in my favourite city is sadly dwindling away. I know that tomorrow morning, when we jump on the Berlin-bound train that will take us to the next adventure, I’ll be happy again. Looking forward to the next chapter. But right now, I’m pretty down in the dumps. Which I know is silly. But hey, we’re talking emotions here. Not maths.

Unfortunately I’m also still a little under the weather so we haven’t spent the day exploring and discovering new and wonderful things to love about the city ( as if I could possibly love it any more). In fact, I even had to decline a friend’s invitation to catch up. I’m just gonna sign off here, I reckon. No point dwelling on it. Talk to you in Berlin.

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