Ejo #34 – The Experimental Ejo Challenge: Day 3 (Here We Come Berlin)

Day 3 means we fly to Berlin. Personally I like staying in one place a lot longer than just two days when we travel, but in reality Munich was just an entry point into Germany from Dubai – Emirates Airlines, unfortunately, don’t fly direct to Berlin. But rather than just stopover in Munich for a few hours we figured it’d be nicer to stay over for a couple of days. And I’m so glad we did – I’m also thrilled that we have two more days at the end of our trip to continue our love affair of the city.

But… Berlin. Our flight was so packed that David and I couldn’t even sit next to each other. No matter, we are here now. And after a quick recon mission to check out our neighbourhood (Kreuzberg) we already love it. The apartment we are staying in is an old converted hospital. It’s just gorgeous, and the location is FAB!!! I foresee lots of adventures in the next five days.


The back of David’s head.




The courtyard.




Former hospital staircase.




David chilling by the gorgeous French windows.



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