Ejo #34 – The Experimental Ejo Challenge: Day Four (Berlin Festival 2012)

We walked the 1.7km to the incredible Templhof Park, a disused airport which makes a phenomenal festival venue. We were excited to see so many awesome acts and we were not disappointed. From the moment we “checked in” and received our “boarding passes” (festival wrist bands) we were swept up in the excitement and energy of the thousands of other revellers.

Passenger Terminal at Templhof Airport

David checking in.

The next six hours zoomed past in a swirl of amazing music, atmosphere and jugs of free-poured Long Island Ice Teas!!! We rocked out to Little Dragon, We Have Band, Sigur Rós and Major Lazer. We finished the night with a spectacular light show extravaganza courtesy of Orbital. But the highlight, for me, was Ghostpoet who absolutely blew me away during his (sadly only) thirty minute set. And guess what: we get to do it all again today. It’s a two day festival. Woot!!!

Passenger Terminal – Airside

Great crowd – Berliners know how to have a good time!!!

Ghostpoet blowing my mind!!!

Orbital – closing the show for us.

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