Ejo #34 – The Experimental Ejo Challenge: Day 5

The second day of the Berlin Festival was a lot more subdued for us than the first. Perhaps that had something to do with all the Long Island Ice Tea jugs we’d downed the day before. Perhaps it was because of the morning rain. But, after a somewhat lethargic start to the day, we made it back to Tempelhof to do it all again.

As with the day before the highlights for me were the bands I’d never heard of. In particular Whomadewho and TOY were simply amazing. And again, the venue was just awesome. There was an enclosed mini-soccer field, lots of yummy food, patches of fake grass for lounging around on, table tennis, an electric bull (of course) and lots of areas set out for art. Graffiti, chalk art, installations and more. A series of photo posters caught my eye. You can check it out here:
Photo Series: Art Posters Of Berlin Festival

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