Ejo #34 – TEEC: Day 6 (Berlin Tourists For A Day)

Today was Tourist Day. We heard more French, Spanish, English and Italian in four hours today than we have the entire six days of our holiday so far. But when you stray away from the hidden gem of a neighbourhood we’re staying in and strike out towards the popular sites of Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate, that’s what you’re gonna get. Plus: lots and lots of tourists.

As little as we like sightseeing though, some things must be seen. And the remnants of the Berlin Wall, whilst somewhat disappointing in terms of stature, still managed to be imposing as a symbol of historical strife. What the wall represents could take up several ejo’s worth of discussion. Suffice to say, we were suitably humbled by it.

The Berlin Wall

Checkpoint Charlie

Brandenburg Gate

Crazy wall graffiti art.

The River Spree

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