Ejo #34- TEEC: Day 11 (Getting Some Culture In Amsterdam)

Remember when the Dutch were a major economic and political power, colonising land all over the place?? No?? Well, maybe because it happened around 400 years ago. And you weren’t born yet. But the country certainly did go through a golden ago of world domination. And as a happy consequence of that, there was a lot of art being produced at the time. Art that is now housed in the Rijksmuseum, right here in Amsterdam. Art that we went to look, and marvel, at today in an uncharacteristic burst of cultural curiosity. Here are some of my favourites*.

Cultured art appreciators of all shapes and sizes

A really amazing and beautiful study in moonlit landscapes. Masterfully painted.

Yep, they even had a Warhol. This one of The Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix, one of only four reigning monarchs “done” by Warhol.

A very distinctive Dutch style of portrait. It was my favourite of this style – even more so than the hugely popular Vermeers. I just love the way the light plays and reflects off the young girl’s face.

* The Night Watch by Rembrandt was certainly impressive but still doesn’t count as a “favourite” so doesn’t merit a photo on this post. Also, I accidentally deleted a photo of a fully functioning violin made of porcelain, and prettily painted in the Delft style. It was really good.


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