Ejo #34 – TEEC: Day 12 (The Gang Gets Bigger In Amsterdam)

We are lucky enough to be able to travel a whole lot. And that’s nice. We’re even luckier though to have friends that are equally afflicted with the travel bug, and there’s nothing nicer than catching up with old friends, especially in a city as wonderful and as captivating as Amsterdam. Since we’ve moved to Dubai, any time that I can spend with my old friends is golden.

And we’ve been lucky enough on this trip to get a double shot – with a couple of friends from Australia who are here on a whistle-stop tour of Europe (Kevin and Rachel) as well as a couple of Aussie expat friends who’ve lived in London for the last several years (Claire and Ben). The six of us have spent the last couple of days just wandering around town, going to the Rijksmuseum yesterday, eating and drinking a WHOLE lot and, really, just enjoying each other’s company.

Today we happened upon a street market where we stocked up on organic, local produce before walking back to Ben and Claire’s gorgeous apartment and setting up a table picnic. It was a good day.

These were delicious served with mascarpone drizzled with spring blossom honey.

Kevin and Rachel helping prepare our magnificent table picnic.

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