Decent Lovers

Decent Lovers – Me And PuppyKitty


I may actually be obsessed with Decent Lovers. This is the third single from the group that has managed to wedge itself into the bloody flaps of my beating heart and firmly lodge itself there. I mean, I don’t want to play favourites and I swear I’m not getting any kind of kickback from the band but I just really like their kind of off-beat, quirky sound. Read more…

Decent Lovers – Compromising Young Thing


In this day and age of disposable music, you know you’ve stumbled upon a winner when you wake up with a song playing over and over in your head. Well, it’s either that, or the fact that you played that song 47 times before going to bed the night before. We wrote about Decent Lovers B-side, Collided in May last year. In the months since then, they’ve obviously been getting busy having fun and writing more awesome experimental pop! Read more…