new music

Camp Claude – Trap


You know when someone says something and you’re pretty sure they don’t mean it? Like, “No, I’ve already had too much” when you offer them a piece of cake? Or, “It’s really… nice” when you ask a friend what they think of your new haircut? I kind of have the feeling that’s what’s going on in this new song by French band Camp Claude… READ MORE…

Decent Lovers – Me And PuppyKitty


I may actually be obsessed with Decent Lovers. This is the third single from the group that has managed to wedge itself into the bloody flaps of my beating heart and firmly lodge itself there. I mean, I don’t want to play favourites and I swear I’m not getting any kind of kickback from the band but I just really like their kind of off-beat, quirky sound. Read more…

Scorpio Loon – A Night At The Library


“A Night At The Library”. Doesn’t sound like THAT much fun, really. I remember many nights at the library when I was studying at university and not a single one of them was sufficiently exciting enough to inspire a jangly, dancy, upbeat song like this one from Scorpio Loon. Ahhh, but that’s probably because the song wasn’t inspired by a librarian keeping books, but more likely a mystery woman in blue encountered during a night out at The Library, an early 80s disco. Read more…