vancouver grizzly

Interview With Charlie Kerr From Japanese Girls



In August we reviewed a sexy, growler of a song called Vancouver Grizzly by Japanese Girls. We recently had a fun chat with Charlie Kerr, lead singer of the band, and asked him 20 questions about music, lame superpowers and the recasting of Breaking Bad.

1. Acoustic or electric? Why?

For writing: acoustic. For performing: electric. I love writing on acoustic because it’s bare bones, you have nothing to hide behind at all. You can add all the bells and whistles and pedals and shit later. Read more…

Japanese Girls – Vancouver Grizzly


There’s something a little bit dirty about Vancouver Grizzly from Canadian four-piece Japanese Girls. And by dirty, I don’t mean that it needs a good scrub in plenty of soap and water. I mean there’s something a little bit sexy about it. Something a little bit bad. And by bad, I don’t mean something awful. I mean bad as in awesome. C’mon, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Read more…